Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I don`t always like surprises, but this was a good one. Already in the morning when I left to school my portiniere told me, that there was a package for me. In the afternoon when I got home, Eugenio (the doorman) carried my packages up. There was two!!! The other one was from Finland which I knew, but the other one was Canadian goodies from my friend Nikki, who lives in Edinbourgh now. There was Twizzlers (red liquirize, which I love), cinnamon gum and my favourite Golgate- baking soda toothpaste. My day couldn`t have been better... It was sunny here as well in the afternoon. It reflects quite a lot after one month only rain.
I spent the weekend working hard for my school. We will have second exams next week, so I want to be prepared. The school has been empty and strange this week. Almost everybody else are home preparing for final exams exept us. We continue studying until mid July...

Last Friday we were in Noon like usually. That has become our favourite casual place. The owner and crew are really, really nice... The evening didn`t turn out quite like we expected with Irene, but there is always new Fridays to come... ;o) Right?

Here are Stefano, Alessandro and Anne. Boys are Anne`s Italian friends. I guess I need to start carrying my camera with me ... Old-Nokia isn`t quite functioning inside.

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Chatterbox said...

Hey baby! Glad you like your presents. Don't eat them all in one day or you will give yourself a stomach ache.