Monday, June 23, 2008

Via Verri

On the other side of my school opened today the new store of Tom Ford (the former designer of Gucci). Yes, I saw him as well. ;o) When we left from school, the street was blogged with police. There were security guys, black private cars and press everywhere. I was hoping to see Brat Pitt, but no. There was a rumour that he is in town...maybe tomorrow. It is so funny what my life has become. All of this seems so normal now-a-days here in Milan.
There is something that stunned me on Saturday, though. We went to Just Cavalli Cafè with Irene to have some fun. That place is luxurious and next time we will go there for a dinner. You don`t walk in there just like that... we did it though. ;o) Anyways, we were drinking champagne downstairs and having a great time. A night to remember for sure. On our way out we realised, that upstairs was the place to be and we wanted to stay. Big mistake!!! We got almost eaten alive by the italians. Two blonds and no bodyguard. Honestly, I felt like the oxygen was disappearing around me. One group was almost taking us back home to Naples. Guys were lining up to come to talk with us. The night ended a bit more better after finding a taxi. Before that we had to walk in the park and turn down the gentlemen italian guys who wanted to drive us safely home. (Point; Italians drink and drive!) I am tough built, but I will never go there without a guy in the group again...

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