Tuesday, June 3, 2008

La sera a Turku

After spending one night in Helsinki, it was time to see my friends in Turku as well. We had booked a table to my favourite restaurant, Sergio`s (Italian food of course). After eating well, we went to the riverboats for a few drinks. The evening was beatiful and my company so much fun, that we desided to make it a party.
Here I am with my beautiful Iina.

Here is our gang at Donna: Saara, Iina, me, Jenni and Johanna.

We had trouble fitting all to the picture. After the sun had settled down it was time to change location. We went to Kuka-bar where my friend Ville P. was waiting for us. He is a famous singer in Finland. He will be playing Adam Sandler in a musical in the summer theater. I can`t wait to see it when I go back to Turku in July. In Kuka-bar I found out again how small the world is by bumping to my childhood neighbour from Rauma. I made it to bed after 4.00 am (like always in Finland) and was extremely happy that there were no time to sing karaoke because the club was closing...

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