Thursday, July 14, 2011

Misto di primavera…

I have been crazy busy since Easter and the weeks have just flown by. I emptied my little camera last night and found a mixture of pictures that I already had forgotten that existed.

My dear friend Ela had a birthday dinner for her friends in Maison Espana and all I can remember of the over priced meny was that the bubbles and the cake were good (and eventually the only things that I had.) I still love you baby, but next time another restaurant please…..

We participated a surprise party organized for our friend Pinni in `Le Maschere` close to Porta Venezia with a lot of friends.

This little guy I found on top of my door one evening I returned home from a dinner in Naviglio. It is the first one I have seen in center Milan.

So happy to see Finlandia mugs in Italy. ;o)

Hmmm… Couples therapy needed?

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