Friday, July 15, 2011

Catalogo per i bambini

Last fall I met Caroline from Brazil who was studying styling in Marangoni at a Halloween party of a friend . She wanted to do photo shooting with my baby clothing. It all kinda stayed behind for some months until this spring she contacted me again. We started to do research of what would be possible and what would I like. At the end she took care of everything always asking my opinion and I only lent her the clothing.

On the day of the shooting I went to Marangoni as well to see how everything was going and felt pretty emotional… I felt that I almost would like to study there again. After we finished I visited administrations upstairs and met Daphne. On my way down I needed to stop on the pattern floor to see if my teacher Mario would be there. How cool was it to be back there!

When I finally get my web page open you get to see the whole result.
The photographers were Marco Castellani and Renata Liszkai from Black Light Studio.

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