Sunday, February 27, 2011

Costume National & Aigner

Friday I got an invitation to go to see fall/ winter 2011-12 fashion shows of Costume National and Aigner. Costume National was in Piazza Duomo which was really cool when you got out and had the beautiful Duomo behind. Aigner was packed! I felt sorry for the people who had to work backstage, remembering how small it was the time I was working for Giuliano Fujiwara. Aigner was beautiful, I would love to wear some pieces from the collection.

Some stylish girls from the front row.

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rayban said...

レイバン サングラスをかけて、コンサートを行うことは今でも印象深いです。X-Japanが解散しても、バンドのスピリットはまた継承されるでしょう。レイバン モデルのように多くの人々に覚えられるでしょう。レイバン RB4105は売れきってから、もっと有名になったらしいと聞いたんです。