Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Firenze & Pitti Bimbo 2010

I want to start my own line of baby clothing, but getting started and learning what is possible and what I should do isn`t that easy… Sure it would be easier if I would have a daddy to pay it all, but I do not. (Pappa betalar inte!) So I need to understand well how everything works before I start investing for my own brand. We left to Florence with my friend Betta on Thursday for a little vacation with a plan to visit Pitti Bimbo, a fair of children`s clothing. The rest of the story you find here.


Dual said...

Rieccomi qui a gironzolare nel blog..Ti lascio un salutino.

stellina said...

"Nulla e' impossibile..."

Mi piace. Così penso anch`io. ;o)